Our services include:

(1) Career/ Guidance Counseling
(2) Admission Processing
(3) Educational institution
(4) IELTS/ TOEFL Test Examination
(5) On- Spot Admission
(6) Rendering Visa Assistance
(7) Traveling Arrangement (Flight Reservation/ Ticketing)
(8) Pre- departure
(9) Post- departure
(10) Accommodation Assistance
(11) Immigration Services
(12) Seminar/ Summer Tours
(13) Scholarship Information
(1) Career/ Guidiance Counseling- We have been able to give a good career counselling to our clients especially those that were unable to decide on their choice of course of study. Our dedicated staff are always on stand-by to give good counsel on the right choice of course to take which will paveway to their path of career in life. This does not only apply on career basis but also on the right accredited school to select from with an affordable fees.
(2) Admission Processing- With our dedicated and well trained staff, special attention is given to applications to be processed. We pay attention to all the information filled, at the right places on the form, proof-read, check on documents to be submitted along side the application forms, make sure all right documents are submitted on time so as to meet up with the deadline date of submission and then make sure offers are granted.
(3) Educational Institutions- We have complete information on the educational institutions we represent, the courses that are taught, level of studies carried out and necessary information required for admission entries to these universities.
(4) IELTS/ TOEFL- Assistance are being given to students who are seeking ways to register for these English  tests, the different test centres, dates available and the means of registration.

(5) On- Spot Admission- From time to time, representatives from our various accredited universities usually come to Nigeria for seminars. The credentials of  thees prospective students are looked into while those qualified are granted an on- spot admission via the entry date for that year.

(6) Rendering visa Counselling- This is the deciding point of the business, without visa success rate, people will not be able to patronize you. The higher your visa success, the more your patronage. We at Elbereal Intl. Education and Travel Tours Ltd. are posed with professionals who are well trained in the aspect of visa counselling & immigration. Emphasis is made/ checked on documents to be presented while submitting their application for visa, the right things to fill on the application forms and the right fees to be paid. All these services are render to all clients on visa issues. And in time past, Elbereal Intl. Education and Travel Tours Ltd. has recorded a great high visa success rate.
(7) Traveling Arrangement (Flight reservation/ ticketing)- After getting visa, we don't just stop there, we assist our students/ clients in making reservation for their flight, there by getting tickets at discounted fare rates. Also we assist them in making arranging for an airport pickup on their different destinations.
(8) Pre- depature Arrangements- Before our students travel to their various universities and countries, we usually give them a pre- departure lectures on how to prepare for their travels. Documents needed to carry along, How to enrol their courses in school, Orientations on their school registration, how to attend lectures, benefits they get as students etc.
(9) Post- Departure- We make sure all our clients/ customers get to their various destinations, do a follow up on them and inform their relatives on their successful trip. Those that need to renew their visas while over there (e.g student visa), necessary steps to take in applying for a visa renewal etc.
(10) Accommodation- We assist our clients on the various type of accommodation available, especially if they are student, the types of hostel available in the school, outside campus etc. Also those going for visiting, the various hotel available depending on your class, cost and availability. All these are taken care of by our dedicated staff.
(11) Immigration Service- We make sure all our clients documents are passed through their various countries immigration standard and certified. All effords are made for there not to be any immigrational issues.
(12) Seminar/ Summer Tours- Once or twice a year, we do advertise summer tours to our clients. Enlighting them on the benefits their wards would get when they embark on these trips. We also run seminars where representatives of our various universities come to give seminar on their schools, cost implications and the visa aspect of it.
(13) Scholarship- Some of these school usually give partial or full scholarship to their students from time to time and these privileged information is given to us. So we inform our clients on the various scholarship available and assist them on how to apply for such.