Admissions and Programmes


Step by Step Application Process

Admissions are open for Fall, summer, Winter- Depending on their entry dates, different academic sessions are run in a year.

Fall (September/ October Entry)

Summer- (Mid year which could be May/ June

Winter/Spring- (January/ February)

Forms of the various Universities/ Colleges we represent are always available for our clients to fill and submitted along side all the required documents for admission.
Sometimes these forms are filled on- line. Also guidance are given on the entry requirements on each of the course, University and cost implication.
Step 1: Submitting Your Documents for Admission Offer:
The documents required to support your application to study depend on the program to which you’d like to apply. After we have thoroughly gone through your documents, we then forward to the university/ college to be reviwed and granted admission offer.
Step 2: Provisional Acceptance Letter Issued-  
If your application is successful, you will be issued with a Conditional Admission Offer Letter. This letter will advise you of the amount that you’re required to pay for your non-refundable deposit, which will officially confirm your placement at the University.
Step 3: Acceptance of Offer Letter
After you’ve made the payment for your Tuition fees, and met up with all conditions on the offer letter, you will then notify us and scan the telex copy of payment so it could be sent to school requesting for your unconditional offer which can be used for visa purposes.
Step 4: Visa Information
We give all our students/ parents an up to date information on the visa processing and assist them in making the procedure all through the way easy. Visa is the bed rock of our business and God has been helping us in this area. We have been recording a high rate of visa success.
Step 5: Arrival & Airport pick up
Once the visa is granted, the student is ready to travel to study and arrangements are made with the various universities/ colleges we represent for them to be picked up at the airport then take to the school. We do not leave our students to be stranded, we even go to the length of booking and issuing flight tickets to them at an affordable fare to their various destinations.


Various programmes are run at different entries to match your qualification and this include:
(1) Foundation/ A- Levels programme- which is a bridge between the fresh student and the university. This is usually run for one year or 2 years after which the student proceed to the university. Sometime in some country, you do not require a foundation programme before you are granted directly entry into the university. For further enquiries regarding this programme do contact us.
(2) Undergraduate programme- These are degree programmes which are usually run either for 3 years in some countries or 4 years in other countries to bag a degree certificate. The entry requirement usually includes a high school result, High School Academic tramscrpt, Statement of puropse etc
(3) Postgraduate Programme- These Programmes are meant for those that are through with their first degree programmes and wants to further their education into master level. Admissions are been granted based on the course, class of study and the university.
(4) Research Institute/Degree- These are programmes could be PhD, MPhil and Doctorates. Some could be for 3-4 years dependinf on the reserch or university.
The various courses run by the universities/ colleges we represent include;
  •  Business Administration
  •  Business Management
  •  Health Sciences
  •  Medicine
  •  Nursing
  •  Engineering
  •  Hotel Management
  •  Information Technology
  •  Art & Design
  •  Computer Sciences
  •  And many more